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 1. Corporate Outplacement programmes:
We have several clients, whose career coaching programme is financed by their formal employer. This is also often referred to as caring redudancy. What does it mean? Nowadays quite a few companies are forced to part with employees not because of performance issues but because of a business shutdown, reorganisation or mergers which may result in duplicate roles, the termination of divisions or whole business lines. In many cases these companies would like to support redundant employees in finding new opportunities by offering high level career coaching. 
The complete programme lasts about 3-4 months, with 15-30 hours of coaching. Coaching sessions take place weekly or bi-weekly.
On request we facilitate online consultancy sessions as well (Wex, Lync, Skype etc.). 
The placement rate after the programme is above 95%.
     2. Individual outplacement programmes:
A lot of individual clients choose to pay for the programme themselves because they consider it to be a worthwhile investment. They know that they will learn techniques to help them find better opportunities in the labour market. 
As it is true for all areas of life, the level of preparedness can be very different for each jobseeker, that is why we build a personalised programme for each participant after the initial orientation meeting. The number of recommended sessions will vary based on each individual case but for a basic programme we suggest 5 meetings.
We are regularly approached by people who haven’t looked for a job for over 10-15 years and we also more and more often assist individuals who are forced or wish to look for a new opportunity after 30 years. 
Elements of the outplacement programme:
  • Self-awareness, recognising professional and personal competencies
  • Setting professional goals
  • Preparation of a career campaign plan
  • Target listing (industry, company size, location)
  • Communication strategy, including: CV preparation, interview techniques, online communication (Linkedin, Facebook and other social media presence), business networking (online, offline).
  • Learning and developing job-seeking techniques, improving and maintaining efficiency.
  • The last step is supporting clients in getting settled in their new job. 
When creating the programme we paid close attention to considering all the factors pivotal for a successful job-seeking project and made sure that we provide a comprehensive solution to jobseekers and those who wish to advance their careers.