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This service is very popular among those clients who are still in a job somewhere but would like to make the most of their current role, get an idea on alternatives, or receive feedback on their market value.

General topics:

  • Mapping of career alternatives
  • Conflict and stress management
  • Employment vs. Subcontracting
  • Business communication development
  • Preparation for a management role
  • Creating a professional CV/LinkedIn profile
  • Networking
  • Self-branding
  • Preparation for a job interview (trial interviews in English and Hungarian, response options to trick questions)

The process opens with a 45 minute orientational discussion, during which we assess the requirements, establish the basic framework (length of the process, the frequency of the meetings, homework, etc.) and conclude a contract. This is also a good opportunity for mutual introductions and meeting the coach in person.

It is important to note that for the success of the process full commitment is vital, participation in itself is not enough. Coaching works fast and in a personalised way but we cannot spare determination and stepping over our boundaries.

Sessions last 90 minutes and are usually repeated evey 2-3 weeks, depending on the subject. An average process takes 5-8 meetings but there have been cases when even 1 time was enough. 

We strive to ensure that sessions are as personalised as possible, they are compatible with the individuals’s life situation and goals and provide an effective solution for dealing with difficult challenges.