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Organisational development

With several clients we went beyond individual coaching and initiated comprehensive and complex change processes that affected the whole organisation. The purpose of these processes were to deploy the internal resources and prepare the organisation for the changes, etc.

Main areas: decision-making processes, communication system and style, management style, the relationship between management and subordinates, conflict management, building strategy and vision for the future, goal setting.

Recruitment specific trainings

We offer individual or group trainings on interviewing techniques for corporate interviewers. The training incorporates employer branding and social media elements.


Moderation is an interactive work method during which we use creative yet structured visual elements such as colourful cards and pinboards. As only one participant is allowed to talk at one time in a discussion, the method ensures that everyone can share their views and opinions. The process is extremely transparent so not even the least extrovert participant will be repressed by their „louder” colleagues. The method helps deal with complex problems within a short period of time. We specifically recommend this method for management meetings, annual planning or for major project kick-off meetings. 

AC (Assessment Center)

Assessment Center (AC) is a selection technique to assess whether applicants are expected to work out in their future roles. During the AC, candidates are faced with a number of tasks typical to the role and their behaviour and reactions will give an indication on how they would perform in real life. Results have shown that candidates selected with this method are more likely to function well since the process focuses on both verbal and practical experience.