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Kiss Veronika, Nestlé

I was very much excited to start my job search as a project. That was the first information I still remember from the beginning. If you consider your job searching as a project with tasks, timing and result, you are already a winner.

Trainings, meetings and written materials are very well structured and good to use the handbook all the time. Exercises and useful examples are included.

I liked very much personalized meetings and follow ups after the first training sessions. We went through steps which were done between two meetings and got useful advises for next steps. How to make the list of companies, how to search for opportunities, what about the market, how to decide among offers, how to be prepared for an interview or even how to sell yourself and how to negotiate good package at the end.

G. Gabriella, IBM Hungary International Shared Service Centre Kft.:

I strongly recommend the outplacement services at Jobsgarden – ITJobs Ltd. (Simon&Mayer divison)
I took part in an executive program for 4 month, my career coach was Zsuzsa. I have spent several years at my previous employer, so had very limited information about the current job market trends. The program elements were very useful for being fully prepared to step back to the job market.
The program I got helped me to explore my professional and personal skills, competencies based on them it was much easier to set my new goals, prepare my Resume and define my target market. I have learned many techniques which helped me how to be professional during my interviews. The networking part also made my jobsearch more effective and faster. At the end of the program I felt fully prepared for the job search + ITJobs as a recruitment company offered job options to their clients.

I believe without this program my jobsearch would have taken much longer. There are some techniques which I still use in my career management. I would stongly recommend this program for anyone who is looking for a job.