Simon&Mayer (Jobsgarden Kft.) 1134 Budapest, Dévai utca 19 VIII/811   Tel.: 06-30-445-0677

Simon&Mayer was founded in 2011 as an independent division of Jobsgarden. As a result of continuously developing its client base for the past 15 years, the company has grown into a well-known name in the recruitment scene with a solid international and local clientele, notable references and an international network.

Founding this division was motivated by two factors; the strong demand from clients for executive search that requires a whole different methodology and approach as opposed to specialist selection. On the other hand, we’ve had an increasing number of requests for HR consultancy, coaching and outplacement and catering to these requests in a quality manner could only be ensured by dedicating a separate and focused team.

From 2013 we’ve been the exclusive Hungarian representative of Career Star Group (CSG), the international network of independent outplacement and career consultancy service providers. CSG has representative members on each continent, with more than 800 offices in 75 countries, supporting over 7 000 organisations and 100 000 individual participants.

Thanks to our membership we frequently participate in regional and international tenders, giving us an outlook on global outplacement and career consultancy processes. We also regulary attend international workshops and training programmes to master the latest approaches and methodologies.

Having spent over 16 years in professional recruitment, we are abreast of labour market trends and have an in-depth knowledge of recruitment related employer requirements.

During our programs participants are assisted by a professional team of legal counsels and payroll experts who can advise them on concluding and terminating employment contracts and setting up a private business.

Gárdus Zsuzsa, Managing Director/ Certified Business Coach

Outplacement or outsoucing? These two words caused quite a bit of confusion in the heads of several clients a few years after the regime change – I admit, in mine too. I officially took up outplacement or career consultancy in 2001 and not once did I have to explain the difference between these two terms, not to mention its benefits to employees who have been let go.

In 2000 I eagerly attended career coaching courses at one of the greatest career consultancy companies because I felt that I could finally put my experience gained during those intensive years in headhunting into use in another field.

I taught my first group training with trembling legs despite having held several adult programmes before, because I felt that this was so much more than just a classic training.

I’ve since led hundreds of outplacement projects and the environment has changed greatly during these years. But one thing has not changed: the majority of people who unwillingly find themselves on the job market feel lost, full of fears and frustration. At the end of our programmes clients will be empowered with effective job seeking techniques, greater self-confidence not to mention that over 90% of participants don’t just find a job but the job they aspired for.

I think that for an HR expert there is no task more rewarding than this.

Paulovics Éva, Managing Director

As a fresh graduate, having just returned home after a 1 year scholarship in France, I thought the world was my oyster. Very soon I had to realise that I might be fluent in French and German but if I don’t speak English nobody will want to employ me. So my planned 1 week jobseeking lasted for several months. Finally, due to a lucky coincidence I ended up working at a recruitment agency, which in retrospect proved to be a great decision. Since then I have climbed all levels of the organisational ladder; I worked in Hungary and in some countries in the region. I have participated in hundreds of interviews, either as a spectator or an interviewer and I am actively involved in search and selection still to this day.

My experience based on these years is that a lot of applicants could use just a little bit more preparation and awareness during interviews. Very often the requirements of the role and the applicant’s personality do not match.

When the idea of career consultancy first came up, I was sceptical. I always thought that some were born to be great interviewees, the extroverts who always land on their feet and talk themselves out of even the most difficult situations. They are the ones whose names even the big boss remembers, who often get recognised for their achievements and whose careers quickly take an exponential upward curve.

What about the ones who are not like this? What added value or input can they gain during course of a few sessions? I had strong doubts but we dived in.

Luckily, the results of the past years have proven that we made the right decision. I’ve since witnessed various career paths and decisional situations and saw how rewarding it is if we invest the time and effort. Consciousness and recognising our flaws, weaknesses and strengths can help steer us in the right direction when having to make decisions. It can also enable us to notice more choices, to make ourselves seen if we’d previously been invisible, as „only those already on the dance floor can be asked for a dance”.